Monday, May 29, 2017

~ Memorial Day ~

Please join Woodsterman in thanking them who gave all.
 This Wall is Personal
 My best friend growing up is here
 Arlington Cemetery
 A Comrade 
 A Leader!
 A Survivor 
 The Unknown but not forgotten
 The Son Left Behind
The Honor Bestowed No One Wants

Thank You!


  1. Best post ever, Odie.

    I will never forget those that gave their all. ☺

  2. Lost a couple guys I knew when I was young.

  3. Sandee, thank you ... and we will never forget.

  4. edutcher, it wasn't hard to do then.

  5. Respect to those who gave all, and their families...

  6. It's a very somber rememberance!
    God Bless them all.

  7. C1, thank you for commenting this Memorial Day.

    God Bless Them All!


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