Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thilly Thursday

Sorry folks about my being scarce. I've been trying to get
a workable inventory for our shows this summer, but my
babysitting duties have me doubly busy. So, the thing that
always suffers is my visits to your blogs. 

Don't give up on me ....... 

Damn, I do love a nasty girl.


  1. Birdie Sanders? Too cute by half.

  2. Sorry you're so busy.

    I can't get a job because Trump is a racist? Really now.

    Have a fabulous day Odie. ☺

  3. Adrienne, So the old bird man did it for you huh.

  4. Sandee, Must be true, the guy didn't get a job.

  5. I've had that first conversation sooo many times.

  6. What you don't see at the end of that last GIF, is the guy lights up a cigarette.

  7. #4 - Where on earth did you find a picture of my student?

  8. Post-Racial Bear (PRB) is hilarious! So you had PBRs (Clint) and PRBs (Bear) in this post at the same time. That IS silly! Thanks for the laughs, Odie! Keep on getting caught up. You're worth waiting for, Bro.

  9. Euripides, Are you kidding? Your students are famous!


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