Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cougar Sighting ~OR~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

North  Dakota Wildlife shot by National Geographic                                               
         A  cougar sleeping in a tree.         
         This  was taken in Theodore Roosevelt National Park .         
         They  look pretty harmless when they're asleep don't they?

YOU  have nothing to worry about. . .they prey  on younger men...!!     
     You  are Safe

 Thanks Dan!

Other Hunting Rule 5 ers:


  1. I hate being safe, I really do.

  2. If TR had seen that first one, he'd have forgotten the teddy bear and taken her home as a pet.

  3. Well, nothing for me here today so I'll just wish you a great weekend. ☺

  4. Odie,Being safe might be over rated.

  5. Safe from THAT kind of cougar, maybe. But we have the furry kind too, and they are almost as vicious. Odie, we hit an art/craft faire in an upper midwest beach town today, and nothing they had was anywhere near as cool as your wood creations. If they did, I would have bought 'em.

  6. Grunt, "Upper midwest beach town?" That really sounds funny. Thank for the praise. Can I quote you on that?

  7. Of course! There are lots of Great Lakes beach towns. They have sand and waves and bums and everything.

  8. Grunt, I know but it just sounds funny. Surfs Up Dude!


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