Sunday, July 10, 2016

Frequent Gas

An old lady goes to the doctor and says, "I have this problem with frequent gas. Fortunately, the farts never smell and are always silent. As a matter of fact, I've farted at least 10 times since I've been here, and I bet you didn't even notice!" The doctor says, "I see. Take these pills and come back next week." The next week the old lady returns. "Doctor," she says, "I don't know what the hell you gave me, but now my silent farts stink like the dickens." The doctor says, "Good! Now that we've cleared up your sinuses, let's work on your hearing."

Thanks Dan


  1. Every once in awhile we like to share a slice of life from the Goodstuff family. Last night Pinko (the commie dog) let rip a stinker. However, the rest of the family blame my ass. I had to explain that it could not be me that fouled the air.

    You see, my farts smell like roses. Whereas, Bipole (the crazy dog) replied "It is evident that you are suffering from some sort of olfactory dysfunction, or are completely delusional.

    BTW - Olfactory hallucinations are not unheard of in individuals suffering from mental health disorders."

    It's a Gas

  2. GOODSTUFF, mine smell like daisies.

  3. Bwahahahahahahahaha. I linked you to Silly Sunday. Good one.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  4. That was a good one! I told it to my wife and she spewed her drink across the room! LOL


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