Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gender Specific Driving Etiquette

A woman is driving at night on a narrow country road.   
At the same time, a man is driving in the opposite 
direction on that same road. 

When they narrowly pass each other at high speed, 
the woman rolls down her window and loudly shouts 


Immediately the man shouts back


The man laughs.   

He is proud to have reacted so quickly to the shouting 

woman and takes the next turn in the road,  

maintaining his speed.

Moral of the story:

Men never listen and, when they do, 
they don't understand one word a woman says.

Thanks Hal


  1. I heard a version of that in Mexico while driving a winding road up to a look out point. The guy telling the joke was speaking so fast I couldn't understand every word, but it was funny…and it was a pig. When I got done laughing, the joke teller was not laughing, he told me it was a polite way of telling me to watch the road...

  2. Bwahahahahahaha. This is spot on Odie. Spot on.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  3. Race, we guys just don't get it I guess.

  4. Sandee, thanks! Hey wait a minute, what do you mean?

  5. She couldn't have yelled out, "DANGER!"

  6. Even when we listen, they're still incomprehensible.

  7. Joeh, that doesn't fit in with the female mind.

  8. Men never listen and, when they do, they don't understand one word a woman says.

    How true that is!


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