Saturday, November 23, 2013

It's A Sign ~OR~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

Two prostitutes were riding around town with a sign on top of their car which said, "TWO PROSTITUTES . . . $50.00." A policeman seeing the sign, stopped them and told them they'd either have to remove the sign or go to jail. Just at that time another car passed with a sign saying "Jesus Saves." They asked the cop why he let the other car go and he said, "well, that's a little different it pertains to religion." So they took their sign down and the next day there they were, driving around town with a new sign which said, "l;Two Angels Seeking Peter . . . $50.00."

  Signs of Other Rule 5 ers:


  1. All of the little soiled doves in your photos are modest and cover their breasts… and we all know that they're just looking for a little innocent fun.

  2. Another joke for my next visit to the VFW!

  3. Bwahahahahahahaha. It's all about the advertising.

    Have a terrific day Odie. :)

  4. Angels seeking peter, I could help. That top image is my pick!

  5. Edutcher, You might be right. I think I already posted that joke. I'm old.

  6. Ron, It would be money well spent, Tiger!


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