Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Latest Landing of Wal-Martians 4

It's the gift that just keeps on givings . . . .

Thanks David !


  1. Is the dude with the dreds peeing on the floor (second set of photos)?

  2. #1: How do you find enough space to drive?

    #2: Planking. How original.

    #3: Gah!!! On one hand, I want to grab that disgusting rat's nest and cut it off his head, and on the other hand, I want to run as far away as I could possibly get from that disease vector attached to his scalp.

    #4: Really? Why bother dressing up if you can't be bothered to shave?

    #5: The most normal one in this roundup, even with the skullet.

  3. Ooops...that would be the *third* set of photos.

  4. Deekaman, it was easy to tell which one you meant.

  5. I think I see a HAM in that car that might still be good...Let's eat! I know an old guy that had his van taken away for OCD behavior.

  6. Photo number one reminds me when I worked as a sacker at Dyess Commissary. I had to load 4 over flowing carts of groceries into a PT cruiser that had four ladies. In the end I had to bury a couple in the backseat because there was no m ore room in the back of the vehicle.

    As for #2. You know what the problem with youth today is...? They're young.

    #3, he's a lumber jack, but he's not okay...

    #4 He put's on womens clothing, and hangs out at Wal-Marts!

    #5 Begging to look normal after all of the other photos...

  7. You're a lumberjack and you don't care....

  8. It troubles me about your definition of gift. ;-)

  9. My van was my BABY. 1986 Chevy custom belvedere...ARRRGGGHHH. Miss it so much.


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