Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Tail of Two Presidents

These two photos say it all. Just look at the paraphernalia 
this egocentric, pompous carries into a school to speak to 
small children!
Still needs to have the podium, the teleprompters, the
lights, the black boxes, and the secret service guy in
back to be on the look-out for any terrorist type
8-year-olds with Tea Partying parents.
Here's what the last guy needed.
You remember... the dumb one...

Thanks David !


  1. I'll bet, and I don't want to look, that on the bottom of Obama it says Made in China...

  2. 0bama the gaff-o-matic is setting the bar very low for the next president.

  3. Can you imagine needed a teleprompter to talk to little school kids? What an idiot!

  4. Race Bannon, welcome to Woodsterman. That's a job left to a prevert lib.

  5. Admiral, He will be the easiest President to top.

  6. Randy, I do too, but I think he was dumb like a fox.

  7. Adrienne, To be honest, I think he had to be prepared to talk to the idiots in the press and his voters.

  8. The body guard in the back looks just as dumb as the one up front.

  9. Stopsign, he has to look that way so he can fool the eight year olds.

  10. Which one looks totally out of place in middle America and who looks like he is right at home and fits right in...and enjoying it!


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