Monday, September 5, 2011

No Speekada Engrish Preese


The little woman and I finished our last show of
year last night. So things will be less than in
emergency mode around here. 

I wish to happily report that we and our customers
refused to take part in Obama's Recession.


  1. Engrish is tough...I used to have truble too.

  2. It is summer bitch festival in Florida all the time!

    Did I really say that?

    Does a prostitute really have identity issues?

  3. Randy, well wrhat did yrou do abrout it?

  4. Admiral, so what you're trying to tell me is these signs are from Florida?

  5. Glad you and the Mrs. had a capitalist good time at the last show of the year.

  6. Supi, we had our best one day ever in the history of Dust'n Lint on Saturday. The people of Northstar refused to participate in Obama's Recession.

  7. Odie, your creations are pure art. Glad to hear you are getting the accolades and cash you deserve.

  8. Hi Odie, I agree with Opus!

    Now those signs....what a hoot.
    I will be sure to avoid all those establishments.

  9. On Zapata's sign,,,,

    - Would love too know where the restaurant is? No expert here, but looks like Chinese characters on the sign.

    - It also could be construed as an advertisement for competitors,,,lol

    - As to not knowing if one is a prostitute; Just how many Mexican or Chinese for that matter are blonde's???

  10. Thank you Bunni, I'ma puttin' me stoof away now. I'm plumb tuckered out. I had no idea how much stoof a pickemup will hold.

    Yes avoid them places.

  11. Glad your sales went well, Now just relax but stay away from that last resturant

  12. This reminds me of Korea. The things they would put on signs blew the mind.

  13. Tu hablo ingles? The people who posted these signs are English impaired.

    Your art projects are masterpieces, Odie. Glad your hard work paid off and business was booming.

  14. Zat ees un no comprende momento por los bimbos gringos..los pobres.

  15. Trestin, Stupidity is the universal language.


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