Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NewsBusted 8/16/11 ~ NewsBusters.org

As Promised, I've been absent as of late. Still trying
to act like a rich Republican by selling my wares at
the local arts and craft shows. I'm not fooling anyone
about being a rich Republican though. I'm not visiting
your blogs as often as I like. After Labor Day Weekend
things will slow down to a crawl. Then I can return to
my old obnoxious self. For a peek about what I'm
talking about, you new readers, check on "Why I Am
Called Woodsterman" above.


  1. We better raise the bar and start bringing in the bucks. THEY need higher taxes and only rich Republicans can pay the freight...Get to work! I am working on a soon to be rich widow myself.

  2. I LMAO about them wanting to build a mosque on the ruins of Wall Street. Classic!

  3. Opie, Bloomberg has it in the works as I post this.

  4. Palin outsmarted her critics. That's not surprising. I think the dhimmi Bloomberg would be willing to put a mosque up just about anywhere.

  5. Teresa, it would look best in his backyard.

  6. I think Sharpton might actually be more qualified.

  7. Trestin, in this case, qualified and abrasive can be used in the same sentence.

  8. It is not easy being a successful capitalist anymore.


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