Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hillbilly Fireworks

Thanks for the donation ... Snarky Basterd


  1. OMG, Odie that was hilarious. I was laughing even before the big bank! "Holy Smokes" "I won't do that again". This guy was on fire...hee hee.

    Thanks for the Laugh.
    PS: Chip and dud is kind of long in the "tooth" do be doing that profession, don't you think. funny.

  2. The music was priceless. The crescendo was building...FUNNY!

  3. Bunni, It reminded me of an old cartoon. There was a big puff of smoke, the smoke clears, and there's a guy dazed and black. Now the PC crowd won't allow that violence in cartoons.

    You stop complaining about the "Chip'nDud". He's my uncle and he's trying to work his way through a nursing home.

  4. Dr. Dave (aka, Snarky Basterd) found that for me. The music and the black face at the end says it all ... SURPRISE !

  5. Man, I love this video. BTW...check out Bad Friggin' Hair. I've got a series I found that fits nicely with this. You're welcome to the images once I get all 12 up.

    BTW: I switched to WP because I desperately wanted the magazine style layout and I just couldn't find the right template for the old site. Plus, Blogger has been known to shut down conservative blogs critical of Zero, and I didn't want to take a chance of losing all of my stuff.

  6. Dave, I've been playing with blog design on blogger with help from Freakster and been able to get some wild looks. I'm doing it on my practice blog. I have two side bars and all kinds of crazy looks.

    I've not heard of the blogger shut down for being hard on Obama, but I'll bet if it gets too profane they might step in.

    I'll check out Bad Friggin Hair ...


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