Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Animal Fun


  1. I just switched to a pop-up window for comments, and this is a test. The page doesn't have to reload when you go back. It seems a little quicker.

  2. I think this is cool! How did you do that? Do I do that, I forgot! I loved this animal video! It always cheers me up to see our furry friends.
    Bye, Bunni

  3. I emailed the way to change it.

    I know you like fuzzy bunnies, Bunni.

  4. I love the popup windows. For some reason I can comment on the popup on my Blackberry, but not on the other type of comment windows.

    Cute vid. Thanks for the smiles.

  5. Opie, It's good to know I have a "Blackberry frindly" comment window now. I like it because the page doesn't have to reload .... Woodsterman is faster now.

    I'm thinking of changing the look again. Use three columns and shorten it up a little to load faster. Freacksmack showed me that trick. I've already done it on my practice blog

  6. I might change to a popup window also.

    That video had me LMAO!! Funny animals gone wild.

  7. Teresa, Funny animals can brighten the worst of days.


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