Friday, November 20, 2009

The Bridge Of Death


  1. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it.

  2. With Harry Reid in charge we all do, Opie.

  3. Hi Odie, that was funny, guess what?
    I got this whole movie from the library, I think I"ll watch tonight. It is a two disc version, with extras on the other disc. This should be fun and part of cheering me up, thanks for posting!

  4. I thought you saw it already ... you're going to love it.

  5. I saw it years ago! It's hilarious every time. Now I'm going to watch disc 2, the extras!

  6. If it were Obama wanting to cross, could we make the question "What are the words to The Pledge of Allegiance?"

    Bet he'd go a-flyin'.

    Love your blogs, Odie! The laughter is a much needed reprieve from the daily beating the news brings. Your 'great new screen-cleaner' killed me...

    I'm adding this one to my blog roll.

  7. Soloman, thanks for joining the party. I try my best to make you laugh without too much politics thrown in. I love that screen cleaner.

    You will be added here as well.


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