Thursday, November 12, 2009

THE Dog Video !!!!


  1. This little guy seems to really know what he is doing. Wait till Bunni sees this!

  2. You're right Opie. And whenever I post an animal video, I wonder what Bunni will think.

  3. I've seen some video of this little guy doing down a windy hill being recorded by a guy on a skateboard, and he passes people... I can't hardly stand still on a skateboard.

  4. He's such a great doggie! Thanks for thinking of me Odie, and Opus, you know I love the animals! I missed this the other day, trying to catch up.

    I think this is the doggie from that show last year when they had all kinds of dogs on, and their owners! I think he was the coolest. I forget if he won or not.


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