Friday, April 12, 2024

Funderwhoopass Friday Is Here Again ~ PM

 Thanks FBers


  1. Sounds like he was a Commando. Some of them had a rough go, you know.

  2. #2) I slammed a many a phone damn hard. Those phones were tough back then because I never broke one. If you had a wall phone the wall would break first.

  3. 1. Good grief.
    2. Hanging on the wall or on the table. ;-)
    3. Haha
    4. I do have my moments..
    5. Little chuckle.
    6. Didn't relize there was a feud. Probably because I don't listen to either of them.
    7. I read somewhere that they are trying to get them sent to some town or something in South America where there will be an eclipse next year.
    8. "liked" doesn't belong there. Not your doing, I know, Odie. I give it a little chuckle though.
    9. Must not like their daughter.
    10. Haha. No charge for the lesson!
    Thank you, Odie.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  4. Reba McEntire with the fake hair and faker accent is not qualified to tell anybody about being "country".

    1. Ultimate Ordnance, What's with all the sour grapes?


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