Sunday, February 11, 2024

Happy Super Bowl Funday ~ AM


I'm an avid 49er fan. I have been since

I moved to Northern California, 43 years ago, 

from southern California. I was a Raider fan 

until they went south the year I went north ... 

GO 49ers!

Street Widening

Thanks FBers


  1. Montana and Bill Walsh. Those were the days, my friend.

  2. There used to be a sign, maybe still is, up on the Ice House Road between Placerville and Lake Tahoe that read "Range Cattle". I think most of us that were hauling logs on that road had a close call or two with the rangy cattle, so one of my fellow loggers took some electrical tape and changed the sign to read "Deranged Cattle". It probably didn't slow anybody down, but it got a lot of smiles.

    1. Elmo, Never been there except on HWY 50. I spend most of my time at the north end.

  3. #10) Oh, and bee has two silent e's.

    Well, I love this blog but don't really like the 49ers. However, I dislike the Chiefs way more and since you are a 49ers fan I'll reconsider and be rooting for SF.

  4. I am a Chiefs fan. But the Swifty sh*t has me rooting for Brock Purdy. Kelcie has sold out to big Ph**ma. Having played football in the Big XII, at least I can brag that both QB's are from the Big XII...

  5. Hair may be the thinnest natural thing in nature but the engineers at MIT created a wire that was the thinnest wire ever made. They sent a sample to GA Tech. They received it back in a few weeks with a note attached informing them that GA Tech had drilled holes in it.

  6. Clueless about sports.
    All the others were pretty good.
    Thank you Odie.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  7. Door dash: the real app that comes after Uber is Under, letting some enterprising ladies pick up a little extra cash in their spare time


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