Sunday, February 18, 2024

Funday: The Eulogy . . . . .


A wife's eulogy at her husband's funeral:

"Norman needed a blood transfusion, but his blood type was not on record, so the doctors asked me if I knew what it was.

They urgently needed to know, to save Norman's life.

Tragically, I had never known his blood type, so I only had time to sit and say goodbye.

I'll never forget how supportive my Norman was.  Even as he was fading away, he kept on whispering to me, "Be positive, be positive!”

That was my Norman!

Always thinking of others."


  1. That Y chromosome is the one that thinks.

    1. edutcher, I hope the Blonde wasn't looking over your shoulder.

  2. Now that was funny. You are a wizard Woodster, thanks for bringing joy


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