Saturday, August 3, 2019

We Will Rock You ~OR~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

Thank You Uchuck for this great idea.

She is from the last Rule 5. Uchuck said
you can picture her keeping that timing to
"We Will Rock You." 

So, first I bought the song, which was
only fair to Queen, right. Then I took 
the GIF of our girl and the song and
imported them into iMovie. Well,
Uchuck, she's a bit faster than the song.
I found out I could slow her down just
a bit in iMovie. Well, 9% to be exact.


Other Music Loving Rule 5 ers:


  1. Odie, I am honored to be mentioned as an inspiration.

  2. Uchuck, it was a great idea and I thank you!

  3. It must be jelly cuz jam don't shake like that !!

  4. Really does add a lot of life to that good old song.

  5. Matthew. I completely agree ... Samples?

  6. Chris, I'm really loving that song myself.

  7. I was clapping and stomping right along! Keep up the good work Odie!

  8. Jeffery, nothing better than a foot stomping visual.

  9. have way too much time on your hands...


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