Monday, August 19, 2019

Awww Monday ~ Woodsterman Style ~ 211 ~


Blue Whale .... The boat is 75 feet long.

 California Gray Whale

Killer Whale

Sperm Whale

 Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale
Harbor Porpoise


And . . . Michael Moore


  1. Michael Moore is always good for a laugh if nothing else.

  2. Damn, you ruined it.

    I was going to tell the story about how The Blonde and I went on a snorkeling trip and a manta ray went under the boat that was bigger than the boat.

    And you have to show the Land Whale.

  3. Dang, that last one, the land whale, is scary!

  4. No worries, I just put duck tape over the last photo so I didn't have to see that one...

  5. Dear Woodsterman;

    According to Wiki....Outside of the ocean dwelling whale community the Whale's closest living creature is a Hippopotamus.

    In the future please refer to Mr. Moore as a Hippopotamus as all of the whales are completely offended by any comparison to him in any way!!! Besides, he can’t swim….that is a requirement to be a whale.

    Thank you;
    The Whale anti-moore-ification society

    Dear Woodsterman;

    Don't you be callin' us African Hippos Moores now!!! We ain't puttin' up with any of dat...We done throw him out long time ago....He’s a wale and dats all der is too it!!

    NAAHP (National Association for the Advancement of HiPpos

    From: the desk of Gloria All-Wet Atty (and general pain in the rear)

    I have been retained to represent the entire Whale community in a class action suit to bar any reference to this community in comparison to Michael Moore. I have filed a brief in the Very Western District of California (soon to be joined by the rest of California after the next big earthquake) to enjoin you from continuing to make any jokes, aspersions of any other mention of said individual 'Michael Moore' and my clients. See you in court.

    Dear Woodsterman;

    We, the 8,658 attorneys at Denton Law worldwide along with 1,338,678 attorneys in the US have filed an Amicus brief with the VWD of Ca in the matter of Whales V Hippos V Moore and have the following legal position in this matter.

    Michael Moore, otherwise known as a ‘Bloviating Assholus’, is not a Whale…

    Is not a Hippo

    and belongs instead to the Fungus family and is the closest known fungal relative to the Armillaria ostoyae discovered in Oregon and covers an area some 2,384 acres (965 hectares) of soil in Oregon's Blue Mountains. Put another way, this humongous fungus would encompass 1,665 football fields, or nearly four square miles (10 square kilometers) of turf.

    We believe that the fungus ‘Bloviating Assholus’ is an offshoot of this species of fungi. Further research is required if anyone has the stomach to do it.

    In the future understand that any reference to the contrary will be in contravention of a court order we have obtained from the VWD of Ca.

    Well, that’s it folks!!!! Michael Moore is not a Whale…..Not a Hippo….. he is a huge FUNGUS……

    Now, where is my Tinactin……..

  6. They're not Killer Whales. They're just misunderstood yutes.

  7. Chris, I hope you come back and see the comments following yours.

    HELP, I'm in big trouble!

  8. edutcher, that's what I understand. For the first time in Woodsterman's history we might have to apologise and run a retraction ................... NOT!

  9. Mad Celt We couldn't forget the biggest whale of them all.

    I hope calling him a whale again doesn't get me into deeper shit with the VWD of California. Whoever the fuck they are.

  10. Anonymous White Male, I must say that you're an endangered species.

    Bad Yutes!

  11. Brig, I just glad you knew how to take care of the situation.

  12. Bwahahahahahahah on Moore. What a A*****e.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Odie. ♪♫♪♫

  13. Ms. Glenda T Goode,

    This has got to be a first for our little scientific journal known as "Awww Monday ~ Woodsterman Style" Madame, do you realize you are threatening someone with a Doctorate in Zoology with a lawsuit for simply classifying a species? Bring your lawyers, but be prepared to bring your checkbook too. I plan on counter suing you and you buddies in the California VWD.

    I classified this species many years ago as, "Michaelus Physeter macrocephalus Mooreless". It has many traits as the Sperm Whale. They would be: Teeth, large midsection, narrowing to very small feet, and a hole on its backside for excavating waste. I believe where you may have gone wrong is he is indeed as dumb as Fungus.

    So, my people won't contact your people, we'll wait for you.

  14. Sandee, thank you for enjoying this post as it was meant to be enjoyed.


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