Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Libturd Tuesday Because I Have A Ton Of These

Thanks Facebookers


  1. The Fraud and corruption go hand in hand with Obamacare, as usual.
    The costs for medical insurance is going completely out of control and will spiral up faster than the inflation rate.
    Some people may have called him a “Community Organizer” but to me, he was a Community Destroyer. He has destroyed State against State , Party against Party, Citizen against Citizen, and the Races against Races. . America as we knew is, no longer exists. He told one lie and follows his lies with another lie . The hatred that I had for him, and I still do still exists. And just to think that he was the Commander in Chief It was a travesty to call him Commander in Chief. I could have thought of many other names for him rather than that! .
    Obama was America’s first ́snottý president America had ever produced.

    He not only locked our Veterans out of THEIR OWN memorials but he denied death benefits to the families of our fallen soldiers. What kind of low life does that?

    And what kind of LIBERAL FREAKS would support someone like that? I was heartbroken for my country. I he turned me against ALL liberals, because of their support for him. I no long speak to some of my friends and relatives because of their support for him. This is what this man has done to Americans. And progressive liberals are just too stupid to understand.
    We have some very intelligent conservative posters on this board who understand politics extremely well.
    Understand that I am not insulting ALL Liberal Americans, what and who I am insulting is ignorance. And unfortunately, the kind of people who post the "socialism = liberal", Progressive cliches we see in on these here blogs alone are here in far greater numbers on the left.
    I truly hope that liberals/Progressives come by here and read what they really don’t know or understand the depths of government control and medicare defrauding the American people - to read these posts and learn what they should be knowing.
    Certainly not anybody with an above-room-temperature IQ..
    Get into a conversation with a liberal about drug-dealers, gangstarappers, street thugs, cop killers, terrorists, radical Islamists or dictators, black panthers, or any other people that, hate America, and liberals will take their side and sympathize with them
    The same liberal who'll laugh at a stupid joke about Sarah Palin or attack Michele Bachmann and their families, will then turn around and have a Hissy Fit if you say ANYTHING negative about Michelle Obama, or Hillary Clinton.
    And those are MY reason to dislike Liberalism, and Progressives.

    Poor Ms. Kenawe and her two or three followers who are blind to the world and
    the poor Ms. Kenawe, as it’s clear as day that she has seen her best days, and that those days have long past.
    I don't give praise easily, but I do admire yoy Franco, Free Thinke for your constant rebuttal to those Progressive Idiots and their stupid lying blogs.

  2. Well done and I linked you to Happy Tuesday.

    Have a fabulous day, Odie. ♪♫♪♫

  3. edutcher, shows the difference between a private sector conservative and an on the public doles liberal.

  4. Lady Vet, I don't entertain liberal, commie, progressives here. They can go elsewhere to disrupt things. I feel it's my job to make fun of as many as I can, well because that's what we do here. I don't visit liberal blogs or befriend liberals on Facebook. I know what they think, believe, and say, so I don't need them angering me.

    Have you thought about starting you own blog ... "Freedom Girl"?

  5. Sandee, thank you for the link. Liberals are funny huh.

  6. Hate to break it to you, but TRUMP did NOT donate his YEARLY salary to the dept of the interior.
    Remember, he donates his salary by the QUARTER, which is 100,000 dollars.
    Do not believe all memes put out that show stuff like this.
    What I do when I see memes.

  7. Forgive me for not reading all the comments.
    Bad habit of mine.
    I like your statement of not entertaining the idiots on the left.
    Am sure some do come here now and again.
    I also avoid lefty blogs and sites....they have no sense of humor do they?
    And like you, I am now avoiding any sort of confrontation with lefties....they are morons and though most would feel sorry for them, I do not.

  8. Joe (Iowadawg), I did notice it but let it side because he did donate his yearly salary to something. Sorry I don't live up to your standards.

  9. Joe (Iowadawg), hell after I read your first comment I thought you were a lefty ... Oops!

  10. Ok, the tranny Trump was the best one.

  11. Kid, you threw me with the "Tranny Trump" at first. Snapped it right into place.


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