Thursday, April 18, 2019

Whoohoo! It's Libturd Thursday

Stolen From My Facebook Friends.


  1. Borrowing some of these for my next QUICK HIT post. (And, of course, giving credit.)

  2. Christians got rid of stoning 2000 years ago.

    But the Lefties say all cultures are the same.

    Like Hell.

  3. NITZAKHON, Have at it and know this: I stole them first.

  4. edutcher, the left and Mooselimbs go together.

  5. As far as "DACA kids not having to pay for their parents' crimes", they're talking about charges again Lori Laughlin's kids in this college admissions scandal.

  6. Proof, I stand firm. Deport all who are not here legally, and that includes DACA Kids.


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