Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Triple

I gotta get me two of these!
One in English and one in Spanish.
I wouldn't want to be called racist, as
I'm an equal opportunity shooter . . ..
OMG no longer means what you think
How do you starve an Obama supporter?
Hide his food stamps under his work boots!
Let's throw in some redneck bumper stickers.

Thanks David !


  1. Nothing inside...I am in the market!

  2. I'm an equal opportunity shooter

    As am I.

    The one time I pulled a gun on a fellow on my property, he was white. **wink**

  3. I like that top one too! AOW---did he just turn white when looking down the barrel???

  4. Love that one about the driver carrying no cash. True!

  5. Ron,
    No, the fellow was a natural blond. However, he did several shades paler when he heard my pull back the hammer. LOL.

  6. Make that "he did turn several shades paler."

  7. Mr, we all suffer from that one ... wink wink.

  8. AOW, sort of lit himself up at night huh.

  9. Wonderful Home Security yard sign.


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