Friday, December 9, 2011

NewsBusted 12/9/11 ~


  1. What happens when we all get on food stamps? What would happen if everyone won the lottery? Heck, no one would work and the stores would not be able to open so the food stamps and the lotto money would be useless. Jodie always nails it!!!!!!

  2. Ron, them be thoughts to ponder ... with a big construction hammer.

  3. When all get on foods stamps the stamps will all be will be able to eat.

    As well as Jodi puts humor into it it is a dire situation and seems to get worse daily.

    Thanks for the Jodi fix!

  4. Admiral, would you like fries with those stamps?

  5. Jodi's humor helps when we are stuck in this mess. NObama 2012!

  6. Jodie was on fire!

    Obama sure is the Grinch.

    The woman who claims that a ghost is groping her had me LMAO.


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