Sunday, March 20, 2011

The State of California Wants Me Dead !

With snow, slush, ice, water, and road sand and water mix on the road 
I was driving down to Colfax to the Chevy dealer to have
my truck worked on. I forgot that one of my complaints for the
dealer was my windshield washer fluid was freezing. I felt when
they topped it off at the last oil change they didn't use sub-zero
temperature washer fluid as they should have. By the way, Colfax is 60 miles to the west over Donner Summit. 

As I was driving on I-80 west there was trucks and cars throwing
all kinds of crap onto my windshield. At one point I couldn't see
through the windshield. Of course I hit the windshield washer,
but nothing happened because the fluid was frozen. I had to pull
over, barely seeing, and throw snow on the windshield. Can I tell
you I was very happy at this time. 

I made it to the dealer and went completely ballistic. I asked if
they had a new guy that needed to be taught the right way to
refill  windshield washer fluid with sub-zero temp stuff. The
head mechanic told me the state of California doesn't allow
them to put "Sub-zero" stuff in my truck because of F***ing
environmental concerns. Too much of the anti-freeze stuff
is bad for the environment. They can't put anything in my
truck that will stay thawed below 32 degrees.

Because of a bunch of "Greenie Bastards" I was almost killed
in the name of God knows what.




  1. Gov. Moonbeam getting a visit from Odie soon? I used to visit the Bay Area when I lived in Reno, pretty soon I would only go as far as Grass Valley, eventually Truckee or So. Lake Tahoe was as far as I would go.
    Too much for me.

  2. Oh my gosh stupid greenies. we need to eradicate them,... seriously.
    perhaps throwing these stupid CFL bulbs at them would be a start --
    and don't get me started on recycling :::grumblegrumble:::: I will just add that we do not engage in it whole heartedly here.

    Perhaps you can pick up a couple dozen bottles of real windshield washer fluid and just pack the stuff away -
    Soon everything good will be banned.
    Mom says stock up!

    Bonks Mr. W

  3. I didn't know that, Odie. Thank goodness you are safe. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. The state of Liberals want the same for me.

  5. Good Lord! Now I've heard everything. That's the biggest load of BS, they trying to kill people? At first I thought you were joking and when I realized you weren't I was glad that you made it safely.

  6. Randy, it's getting to be too much for me too. I might just have to move to Reno.

  7. Pierro, well, we do our large shopping in Reno. I have a couple of large bottles of the "good stuff (down to -20)" from, believe it or not, Walmart. The good stuff is still legal in Nevada.

    Bonks Kitties.

  8. Opie, that's the problem, I didn't know it either. The dealer shouldn't have used it on a Truckee car. Heck it gets pretty cold in Colfax too. I told him to stop putting it in cars, period. They use stuff they mix, but aren't allowed to mix it strong enough. I told them to sell the stuff in the bottle and let the customer mix it at home.

  9. Mal, we're all on their list to be exterminated.

  10. Deb, the problem is solved now, but thanks for snow near by. No shortage of that stuff. We got 2 more feet yesterday and a new 1 foot more on the ground as I write this. It's also supposed to snow all day ... I so tired.

  11. Ya, we've got a snow-fall warning here too; not as much as you tho'.

  12. Deb, I can barely see across the street now. This year has really been one for the books.

  13. I am glad you are OK Odie but you and others from California sound surprised?

    I am in Michigan and have known for decades just how wacky and retarded the greenies twist and conjol your State government.

    I was once in Nevada and a friend said if we crossed a line we could say we were in CA. I did not cross that line for the very reason as stated above.

  14. I thought it was a joke, too, until near the end. Glad you're OK. That is one stupid law to enforce in a place that has snow and freezing temperatures. But then again, it is CA. Our friends, who have lived in San Diego for many years, just moved to Colorado. And we have another friend who lives in Temecula who is looking to get out, too.

  15. Christopher, they work these laws so they sneak up on us.

  16. Lady, all the sane ones are leaving. If I can convince my insane wife to leave we're gone too. Pretty soon the whole state will be controlled by Greenies and Illegals.

  17. Mr. Woodie, you should load up the the truck and move to ... Northern Virginia - or any place in Virginia! the great state of jobs jobs and more jobs and we especially like the creative types and the big BONUS: no illegals EVER!

  18. Why oh why am I NOT surprised... sigh... Glad your 'incident' didn't result in an accident! I'd be carrying a spare bottle under the seat or somewhere handy...

  19. Old NFO, I couldn't do anything about it at the time. The reservoir was full and frozen.

  20. Odie - I just can't believe that! Throw some isopropyl alcohol into your washer fluid!

  21. Glad you made it Woddsie, those that can escape such rubbish in England do so by fleeing abroad, usually to Spain or western France. Those that can't, like me, can at least leave London and not work in the Public Sector where such PC madness is rife.

  22. Sig 94, I've done that my man. That's what I used to do 40 years ago ... it came back to me. I shouldn't of had to though.

  23. Banned, we have a state that prides itself on being the first in the world with insanity. Ah but, Reno is only 35 miles away.

  24. I'm sure that the Democrats just down the hill in Sacramento would be thrilled if you slammed into a freeway abutment. In the immortal words of BH Obama, "That's one less Republican voter".

  25. LL, you're probably closer than you think.

  26. OMG Odie! Oh no! That must have been a scary experience. This environmental "green" crap is dangerous for our health and needs to be stopped. Stay safe, Odie.

  27. That is so scary! I am glad you are safe!


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