Saturday, January 28, 2023

Flappr Fun ~OR~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

 Thank You Flappr

Other Rule 5 ers:


  1. Funny. Boy songs like that bring back memories.
    ZZ Topp Legs is another good one.

  2. I've gotta say "Thank You!" Thank you very much. this really woke me up this AM. Got me to wondering - if Girls' Gym class had run like this back in the '50s, what my classmates (and sometimes dates) wud've looked like today in their low 80s
    Eh! wudda, cudda, shudda?

  3. Honorable Mr. Odie,

    It makes us so so so so happy that you watched and liked our video - it's probably our most joyful video to date.

    Thank you for generously sharing it with your audience.


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