Sunday, August 21, 2022

Funday in the AM

 Thanks FBers


  1. You know Gutfeld looked exactly like that when he beat Colbert..
    Hahahahaha! The Kale one made me snort. LOL! I miss Kennedy every so often. But not as much as I miss Regan.
    Okay, so the pillar one is pretty funny, too.
    But snakes stay outside. They can go live with the demonrats..
    Thanks for all of these, Odie. Good read for a Sunday.
    You all be safe and God bless.

  2. I really wish I would come here and find a commentor I disagreed with. corrective lenses? Coffee snort. Kale? Kale is the new parsley (who eats parsley?). Kennedy: I miss that Kennedy actually was mainstream Democrat at one point in time. Snakes: are cold blooded so if it hot outside, they can stay outside (snakes are democrats) I want pizza.


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