Thursday, June 9, 2022

Libturds . . . The Gift That Keeps On Giving ~ 1


Thanks FBers


  1. Term limits for Congress, the Federal bench, and civil service. The one flaw of the constitution is it did not envision people living past 50 (or 40 in most cases).

    1. I think 29 signers were 50 or older, up to 81. Average age 44.

    2. edutcher, I like 12 years. Two Senate terms or 6 House terms, or a combination of both.

    3. Stewart, been doing your homework?

    4. Life expectancy in them thar days was 40 if you lived in the country, 50 if you had bucks and lived in a big town with a good doctor. They could not foresee the advent of public sanitation and antibiotics.


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