Friday, June 17, 2022

Have We Had a Friday Morning Skippism Before?


I haven't verified the truth of some of these,

and I know that will upset a very small group

of you. You tell me I'm better than that, or should be.

I'm not really and I'm a very easy going SOB and love it.

Thanks Skip


  1. I didn't know, but I don't doubt.

  2. Hot Chick from HS: yep. One of the reasons why I never go to any school reunions. I ran into a HS "friend" at bar about 10 yrs after graduation. He was trying to impress a lady, she wasn't having it. He saw me started doing the whole "Hey Mer! How you doing. This is one of the best guys from HS". I just stood there, waited and finally said "Hey Tim. I'm good. I see your still one of the biggest a*holes I've ever met". Lady started laughing, she and her friends came over and sat with me and my friends. Good times.

  3. The single thing that bothers me about the biden's is that they think they are such hot shit. Specially the pedo when he's got the aviator glasses on.

    I've always known they were assholes and imbeciles.

    1. Kid, AND joe biden has always been as dumb as a box of rocks. Oops, there I go again, insulting rocks.


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