Thursday, July 22, 2021

Must Be The Morning Of Libturds


Thanks FBers


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    1. edutcher, they definitely have a different moral standard than we do.

  2. I think you owe snakes an apology!!! Snakes are not evil. They only do what they have to do to eat and survive. Demon-Rats are pure evil, and do evil things intentionally!!!

    On the evolutionary scale, snakes are about 100 levels above Demon-Rats in morals and intelligence!!!

    I think that new movie needs to be called "Evil Cowardly Vermin Demon-Rat Covid Mass Spreaders on a Plane"!!!!

    1. The Big Dog Himself, I think we'll put you in charge of naming the new movie.

  3. Found your blog several weeks ago and been enjoying your past post.These are trying times in our great country and we need to be able to stop and laugh on occasion before that fuse gets to the end. The way this country is going that fuse is getting mighty close. I'm not on any social media, why bother when I know I would be kicked out within days. I tend to speak my mind unfiltered. Keep up the great work, looking forward to your next post.


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