Wednesday, July 14, 2021

An Afternoon With Skip Wisdoms


Thanks Skip


  1. My granny had one of those washers.
    Love the last two!
    Thank you, Odie. God bless.

    1. LindaG, Woodsterman and his crew are here to make you happy!

  2. As promised in comments on previous potato post

    I wrote this myself and declare it to be “public domain” so that readers may copy it and use it however they want.

    President Potato by Mikey

    A potato if elected as our President
    Would outshine the new White House resident

    A potato has so many various uses
    Compared to Bidens’ numerous abuses

    Mashed fried or baked a potato pleases
    While the executive vegetable mainly just sleazes

    Potato salad seasoned with dill
    Will do more for your health than Fake Doctor Jill

    Potatoes Au Gratin is good for the senses
    While down at the border Biden’s tearing down fences

    Potatoes may be red white or sweet
    Snowflakes voted for Biden cause they’re scared of a tweet

    Potatoes even make vodka - it’s a clean sweep
    And would never select kneepads to act as a veep

    Potatoes in ground will increase your crop
    And rarely if ever lose a laptop

    Root cellar potatoes are good for five years
    Biden hides in the cellar due to handler fears

    A potato leads by exemplar utility
    With Biden we only get futile senility

    In short that root veggie would sure get my vote
    Before an idiot from Delaware whose brains missed the boat

    1. Mr. Mikey, you honor me with this poem. You'll be top center for Libturd Thursday tomorrow.

    2. I look forward to that! Hope everyone enjoys it.

  3. Mr. MIKEY AND ODIE Absolutely BRILLIANT!! All of it, great! Everyday...smoke em if ya got em...SCOTTY T

    1. SCOTTY T, Mikey is smoking them up as I write this.

  4. The panic is oh, so true and I love trading the flag burners.

  5. #4....The question is who is driving that truck? Not the big who as in some major group, but the person actually dragging Biden through his current actions? 4-5 decades of radical ideas that America shrugged off as lunacy are being checked off one by one as being instituted by this administration. Who is dragging Biden through these moves?

    1. clayusmcret, the elite of the swamp are leading the buffoon.


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