Thursday, June 10, 2021

It's Libturd Thursday Morning


Thanks FBers


  1. Inspector Callahan nails it.

    Willie did the same stuff as Sammy, but Sammy has a cleaner conscience.

    And papers.

  2. I actually pumped Clint Eastwood's gas twice while I was in high school in San Jose, Calif. he was driving from Carmel where he lived to San Francisco. He got out of his car and talked to me while I pumped. Hell of a nice guy and definitely not a typical hollyweird spoiled dip-shit.

  3. Gotta add one more thing to the 1776 meme...
    "We got fed up with an Abusive Tyrannical government telling us how to live our lives and we shot them and formed a more perfect union of We the People."

    Bout time we got back to "We the People" and told our Abusive Public Servants to "SIT DOWN, and SHUT UP"

    Abusive Public Servant
    (Some Assembly Required)

    MSG Grumpy


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