Tuesday, June 15, 2021

It Must Be Libturd Tuesday Afternoon


Have a big gulp bitches!

Thanks FBers


  1. That Burger King sign. By going to school and working I made it from flipping burgers to a leadership position in the Defense industry in 5 jobs. I remember being in my coat and tie thinking about how I got there while riding in the company's private jet sipping coffee. Not putting this here to brag, just to tell people it can be done if you're willing to think and work and learn. I'm glad I flipped burgers. It gave me a starting point.

    1. Mikey, you liv ed the American Dream, but the libs will say you cheated.

      You're not my brother in law in disguise are you?

  2. So many truths here! Thank you, Odie! :)


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