Thursday, April 15, 2021

Turdsday Libturds ~ Afternoon Edition


Thanks FBers


  1. Closing with a turd. Interesting choice.

    1. clayusmcret, well this post has a lot to do with guns and turds ... BINGO!

  2. And, like all politician running for office, Abe was lying through his teeth.

    PS Zippy should be so cool.

  3. That first picture is exactly how my late Father-in-Law taught my boys to drive. He also taught them how to tear down and rebuild tractors. Those boys have some skills that are rare in millennials.

  4. That Farmall M brings backlots of memories. Spent many an hour in that steel seat. Charging system didn’t work for shit so always parked it on a hill and started it by popping the clutch. Then let it run all day. One thing you learned in a trike tractor - NEVER wrap your thumbs around the wheel.


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