Thursday, March 18, 2021

More Libturdishness Because There's So Many Liburds ~ 2


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  1. In all point of fact, Social Security is none of that. Your first 2 years on full benefits uses up all you paid into it.

    And your FICA taxes go into the general fund, so the lie about a lockbox is just that.

    PS If it were privatized and invested in the markets, you'd get twice as much back.

  2. Social Security is a welfare program financed with a dedicated payroll tax. See Flemming vs. Nestor. No one has any contractual rights to SS payouts. It's not "insurance", just inter-generational theft.

  3. @Odie: sure, privatizing is one approach. People will be screwed regardless of what's done, even if nothing is done.

    Of course whoever proposed that will have to be prepared for the Leftist accusations of "throwing grandma' off a cliff". Not a lot of politicians have the spine to stand up to that, and not a whole lot of taxpayers have the brains to recognize that they're being robbed and deceived about it all:-(.

    1. jabrwok, If you were to calculate 15% of your yearly, salary compounded yearly at 6%, for your life time, what do you come up with? Are you a millionaire? GOVERNMENT FUCKS EVERYTHING UP!!!!! Can we end this now?

    2. Can we end this now?

      I'd be happy to. Unfortunately I'm not Emperor of America, and the vermin who are running/ruining the country don't have any intention of eliminating their vote-buying schemes.


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