Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Another Afternoon Libturd Post


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  1. If I ever eat turkey bacon please shoot me with the fishing pole.

    1. Edward, LOL! Won't the turkey bacon kill you first?

  2. Maine has constitutional carry and a population that is 94 percent white....

    Look at each state. The safest ones all have this in common, access to fire arms and a high percentage of white population.

    If this offends you then so be it. America was built by people of European ancestry and along with other nations with such populations became the freest and most civilized countries in the world.

    This is not a 'white supremacist' or racist, or anti-diversity screed it is just a statement of fact.

    When whites are the majority there is relative civility, when they are not there is mayhem.

    Just ten years ago England was 96 percent white. The blacks and people of color that lived their assimilated into that white culture. They spoke with an English accent and were just as civilized and productive citizens as their white counter parts.

    Now look as that percentage has dropped at the mayhem and misery that has befallen now crime ridden England in the name of cultural diversity.

    I could go on, but I won't. The fact that we do not, as a people, have the guts to stand up to the 'multi-cultural', anti-white, pro-white genocide crowd, is the real reason we are losing our country. It won't be long now where every American city will be like Johannesburg, a place where whites are permanent underclass, and the country side will be like all of South Africa, where white farmers hide in fear behind tall fences and armed guards.

    Tell me I'm a racist when 70,000 whites in America have been sacrificed to ethnic diversity in the name of social justice like they have in South Africa.

    1. CorporalWalsh'sGhost, we appreciate your view point from the soapbox.

  3. You hit the lottery on this one.

    All great.


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