Friday, March 12, 2021

Fun Friday Morning


Thanks FBers


  1. To the 'nam Memorial......damn right!

    It's too early for bourbon here but I raise my coffee cup to Corporal Ray Allen Walsh of the 101st Airborne and to the men he died trying to save!

    And whomever you are out there that can not separate your feelings of that war from your feelings for our troops, well fuck you then!

    1. CorporalWalsh'sGhost, well now I know why the name then. I've raised my cup also.

    2. Thanks, he was my uncle.

      Its not a nick I intended to use permanently, I usually make up a nick based on the thread I'm posting in and leave it at that. I used the nick on a thread about Traitor Jane Fonda, because my uncle was MIA and and the crap she pulled regarding them burns me up.

      However, blogger remembers your nick, so any site using blogger logs me in as Corporal Walsh's Ghost, but outside of that I almost never use it.

      So he was my mother's twin brother. As an eight year old all I remember of the Vietnam war was sitting in front of the TV watching with my family as the POW planes disembarked. He never came got off one though and he never made it home.

      Fast forward to May of 82, I was a 17 year old in boot camp at Ft Knox Kentucky. (C-1-1) "WOLFHOUNDS, steel on steel, shoot to kill drill sergeant, shoot to kill, range, target cease fire AAAH OOHH!"

      Company photo, I'm in the front row, 2cd Squad leader skinny as a rail, s skeeter wing on my shoulder and trying my best to look like a bad ass.

      Sometime afterwards I headed home, ( I left when I was 15), dropped the photo on my mother's dining room table and to my surprise she pulled out an old painting. It was one of those velvet G.I. style done by Vietnamese locals. Staring back at me was a rail thin Corporal trying his best to look like a bad ass, and instead looking a whole lot like the nephew he barely knew.

      That was probably the closest thing to a hallmark moment my mother and I ever shared, I do believe it was the only time I saw her cry.

      Anyway, so that is where the nick comes from...and that, as Paul Harvey used to say,, is the rest of the story.

    3. CorporalWalsh'sGhost, this Vietnam Vet Salutes you and your uncle, Corporal Walsh! It's cocktail time in an hour. I'll toast both of you.

  2. One more for adults, you get called, "Sir", by teenagers.

    PS The last, always.

    1. edutcher, hmmm ... I always get called "Dude". LOL.

  3. So many good ones here. And a few chuckles, too.
    I guess I'm an adult because too many of those describe me. :)

  4. I'm DEFINETLY an adult! And the jacket one? I can see my hubby actually saying that - or maybe he has already.

    On a serious note, I remember well the Vietnam years and how terribly the troops were treated. I thought it was horrible then and I still think it was horrible. God bless them all.

    1. Adrienne, didn't forget your jacket again, huh.

      Thank you, it was a different time. I'm just sorry the worst of our generation is working in Washington now.


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