Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Why Not ~ Libturd Tuesday Afternoon Edition

Thanks Facesterbooksters


  1. It'll be interesting to see how many people have this figured out.

  2. They've got their zings mixed up.

  3. Except it was Cronkite's lie about the Tet offensive that basically crushed any remaining support for the Vietnam war and gave the commies hope. The US destroyed the Viet Cong in that battle and Cronkite called it a defeat. He lied like crazy and if there was any justice, he would have been tried as a traitor

  4. Chris, I'm with you. I was a couple days of being of the age to go there. That being said, I honor and pray for all of our Veterans.
    I kinda recall Cronkite changing his reporting style, and my Dad, who was in charge of a Marine platoon that was ready, but never got deployed to Korea, was kind of questioning the aforementioned "opinion".
    So much we forget.
    Tell the history you witnessed to as many of your children and grandchildren as you can.
    You know why .. . .


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