Thursday, May 14, 2020

Libturd Thursday - Covid 5 Edition

Thanks FB Friendsters


  1. 19 counties in PA rebelling, CA citizens rebelling, MI citizens rebelling.

    It was 5 years between the Boston Massacre and Lexington and Concord.

    I'd say we're ahead of schedule.

  2. The one thing I always come back to when questioning things the government allows (like credit card companies gouging their customers, insurance companies screwing their customers, big pharma screwing their customers, etc.), is the fact that when Nazi Germany marched the Jews to the gas chamber, it was LEGAL.

  3. You would think we Jews, of all peoples, would have a deep distrust of centralized authority and want to hold onto our guns.

    Sigh. You can take the Jew out of the Shtetl / Dhimmi community - but it's a lot harder to take that mentality out of the Jew.


  4. edutcher, and we ain't even breathing hard yet.

  5. Handy, Ah but we have a Constitution that we're going to have to remind them of as they fall.

  6. NITZAKHON, I don't understand the way they vote as their being treated so badly by the Mooselimb loving libs.

  7. Wood
    So far, they seem to be out of TP and are using said Constitution to wipe their asses with.
    Nobody seems to even be teetering, let alone falling.


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