Friday, September 20, 2019

Super Bowl Seats

An avid football fan was at the game, seated in a first row seat on the 50 yard line anxiously awaiting the opening kickoff. The seat next to him was empty.

A man sitting further back in the stands, noticed the empty seat, so he got out of his seat and went down to talk with the guy.  He asked if anyone was sitting in the empty seat.  The guy said, "Nope, it's empty".

In total disbelief, The other guy said, "WHAT??  Who would leave the best seat in the stadium empty for the Super Bowl?

The first guy said, " It's actually my wife's seat, but she passed away".  The other man asked, "And none of her friends or family want the seat"?

The first guy said, " No, they're all at her funeral".

Thanks David


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