Sunday, September 1, 2019

Police Versus Fire Fighters


  1. The Evidence Destruction Team was doing pretty good there until they lost control of their hose.

    And, yes, that's what cops call firefighters, because, well, they destroy evidence either fighting a fire or with all the paramedic trash and 50,000 firefighters stomping all over the scene.

    Boy, back when I was doing medieval fighting I would have loved to go up against riot cops or a firehose. Would have been fun to see how good I and my shield mates actually were.

  2. Beans, you're the oldest guy around. Doing medieval fighting before it was cool.

  3. if the firefighters really wanted to win, they'd have aimed lower, about just above the knees would do. knock 'em down like bowling pins.

  4. Allen, well I guess that's why they're fire fighters and not brain surgeons.


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