Thursday, August 9, 2018


Thanks Facebookilicious


  1. The 1st is good, the 6th is good, the 8th is great, but where do I get an ICE badge?

  2. Get a cop badge, a blue tee shirt and jacket, and make it look like your wearing a Bullitt proof vest, Now that I think about it, you BETTER BUY A VEST, BECAUSE MOST ILLEGALS ARE ARMED ANYWAY.
    On line the Hat and coat are available, boots and Uniform pant are available at local uniform shops... easy enough.
    Love all of them but Monopoly, Venezuela, Food Stamp and 900.00 cell phone
    are all good
    Is that a real picture of Che shooting those girls?
    Love the blogs
    Take Care
    David from Taxachusetts

  3. Oh man, these are so good.

    I saw a Che documentary a while back and came to the conclusion he was no different that charlie manson. He liked to kill people. Period. Dumbass libtards. Call yourself a 'rebel' you can get away with anything with those idiots.

  4. David from Taxachusetts, I think that is Che himself shooting those girls. Some day someone will have to explain to me why those gun hating Snowflakes love this guy.

  5. Kid, Kids haven't been "taught" in school for a very long time.


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