Sunday, September 24, 2017

Silliest Of Sundays

Thanks Facebookers



  1. About that Springer spaniel? Almost 40 years ago hubby turned to me as we read in bed and said, "Either that cat goes, or I go." Without taking my eyes off my book I said, "Well, have it your own way, but she was here first." Ten years later Mouse (yes - that was her name) was still there - and so was he.

    Moral of the story? Don't mess with a woman and her cat.

  2. That was all funny stuff.

    The "you fart like a clydesdale but I still want to meet up" personal ad did make me laugh as did the gator that got the clown in the sewer.

  3. I know guys like that first one.

    They can't figure out why they only get the really desperate ones.

  4. Love the either the dog goes or I go. Love the comment from one of your blogging buddies too. Don't mess with someones pet.

    I linked you to Silly Sunday. Thanks for playing along.

    Have a fabulous Silly Sunday. ☺

  5. LL, that woman from the ad would fit right in to all of the man caves I've visited.

  6. edutcher, so I've been doing it wrong all of these years.

  7. Sandee, I don't remember to put up the link as often as I should. I'll try to do better.


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