Saturday, September 2, 2017

Burning Man ~OR~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

Well Boys and Girls it's that time again. 
Yes Burning Man is upon us. It's pretty 
darn close to us here in the Sierra. It's
about 60 miles north of Reno in Black
Rock Desert. It's the hippie generation
and their children and grand children.

I know quite a few people that go each
year. From what I understand is every-
thing is free including the sex.

If you look at the ground in these last two photos it looks
like moon dust. When the wind kicks up this white dust
starts flying, and that's most of the time. That dust gets
into everything. You should see my neighbor's trailer when
that get back. It takes them three days to get that white
dust out of everything. Look at the bicycle behind our
pretty lady with the parasol here. 

Other Burning Man Rule 5 ers:


  1. I've always thought of Burning Man as a place to acquire STD's while you get sand in everything. And you know that for every hot, young, thing with low self esteem, there are 40 crones.

  2. I used to live in Reno and used to go to Burning Man, it was a riot! just sat back and people (pussy) watched with a fat steak grilling on the barbie and a cold brew in hand and trying to keep most of the dust/sand off of the moo... tits galore! But agree with LL above, never tasted the local wares, didn't want to explain to the wifey how I got the clap or the crabs...

  3. First I've heard of this. Sounds like a place that nice girls avoid. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Odie. ☺

  4. 9 looks like a great new riff on Spin The Bottle, but I would assume the title of the event comes from the inadequacy of sunscreen there.

    That dust gets into everything.

    If so, it must be a real damper on all the orgies they write about.

  5. LL, it almost sounds like you've been with all of your expertise.

  6. Cederq, well, well, well. If'n we ain't got a live Burner here. God bless your pee (spelling appropriate) pickin' heart. I always thought I'd like to try it myself one day, but being 70 it's just not practical, that's is unless you think the young ladies are looking for a Sugar Granddaddy.

  7. Sandee, that would be right, and the very reason I'm sorry I've never been.

  8. edutcher, go for the wet spot. Google Images of Burning Man and see a very large wooden "man" they burn on the last evening ... hence the name.

  9. "That dust gets into everything."
    Or, as the people involved in the free sex call it: True Grit.

  10. My first thought matched LL's comment about the ratios. I was wondering how long it took the photographer to find attractive hippies. Probably be more telling to get a look at the hags; that'd take care of any temptation methinks.

  11. Paulie, methinks if you google, Google Images of the 2017 Burning Man you could get a more accurate view.


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