Friday, September 2, 2016

Da Da Da .... It's Corona Friday! (But I'm A Bud Man)

Last show of the year ... Whoohoo!

Thanks Facebook Buddies


  1. Love the first one and the last one the best. Last show of the year rocks.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend Odie. ☺

  2. Thanks for the morning laugh, Odie.

    Sorry about the niners and the ungrateful curs that they hired. I won't watch another game where they play so long as they have the current roster.

  3. I think Caper-neck's been in one too many scrimmages without his helmet as it is ... *chuckle*

  4. Sandee, I'm getting old and need a break.

  5. LL, they're my team, but I'm so mad at them right now I can't see straight. I don't thin k this will blow over as long as he is there. I hope he becomes a large detraction that needs to be REMOVED!

  6. Nate, I've been following his career since he UNR days in Reno. He just refuses to grow up. We that had friends in UNR heard many stories about returning to the campus for parties long after graduation. The BOY refuses to go up.


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