Thursday, May 19, 2016

All Good Things Must Come To An End

I've been on one of my R&Rs at the GSR in Reno.
This morning I have to head home after 4 nights.
 This guy needs a special bathroom.
 Liberals just don't get it. It's none of their EFFING business.
 Lunch in the motorhome.
 The main building at GSR from the RV Park.


GSR = Grand Sierra Resort 


  1. Glad you got a bit of fruit with your brunch. Lunch looks mahvelous.

    Hope you had a good time, Odie!

  2. Looks like you know how to do R&R. I can do pretty good myself.

    Have a fabulous day Odie. ☺

  3. Adrienne, too relaxing, but now the real world is waiting.

  4. Sandee, your boat and my motorhome would do well together.

  5. Edutcher, missed is good. Now it's time to pack up and wonder back up the hill.

  6. Food should always be works of art like you showed in those pictures! Using the term 'food' loosely, of course. Glad you're back, but glad you had such a well-deserved vacation!

    Question, though: How long did it take for you to blow through your cash allocation at the Blackjack tables. My record: 20 minutes. Usually it's less. Also, how long did it take Mrs. Odie to forgive you for going over your allocation?

  7. Gosh. It's been nearly two years since my money and I hit the GSR. They'd comp me my room so I'd have more money to lose in the casino. Last count, though, I was still playing on their money! Good times!

  8. Grunt, Sunday night, the Mrs. and I, celebrated our 42nd Anniversary, and she left the next morning leaving me to finish my R&R on my own. Actually I kind of came out even for the trip. I don't know how that happened, but it did ... WHOOHOO!

  9. Proof, they've been comping me rooms for years. In exchange I've been very loyal. When I take the motorhome, I'm able to use the room comps in the RV Park. They make out pretty good on that deal, so we're all happy.

  10. Eating healthy, good on you!

  11. Brighid, I have to keep my fine figure.


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