Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wow ... Woodsterman Turns 5 Today

Yes, thanks to yous guys, Woodsterman turns the "big one"
today. Five years ago, today, THIS POST started it all.
There has been more than 1.5 million page views since
 that first day. I think I'll call this fictional character a
success. Thank you all for making it such great fun.
As before I'm at the same place Woodsterman the Blog
was born ... Yup R&R at GSR in Reno. This is my last day
so we celebrate. Going home rested up with Woodsterman.
The WiFi went to crap just now, so thank goodness for
Verizon Hotspot and an iPhone 5s to bypass a very busy
WiFi at the RV Park. That's what happens when everyone
under the suns checks in and turns on  their computers. Yes
it's actually the night before at 5:00.

 Breakfast dessert at a poker bar.
 GSR RV Park and Casino, Reno, NV
Old Betsy

I just looked this little fact up; this my 2130th post. No wonder
I'm having to look harder for posts these days. 

Here's some more history:

Do you remember this awards ceremony?
 Congrats from my personal hero.
 Just another admirer.
And we can't forget Mrs. Woodsterman.

So kids let me leave you with one of my favorite posts:


  1. Happy birthday Odie may there be many more congrats!

  2. Congrats Odie! You don't look a day over three!

  3. Happy Birthday Big Guy!

  4. Whodathunk you'd still be bragging about that award. The Second Annual Paul Revere Awards are coming soon.

    Hope you stay tuned for the ceremony.

    Congrats on your momentous milestone.

    Like USA_Admiral I'm in for as many more years (lots and lots, I hope)as you are willing to delight your readers with your humor, patriotism and titty posts you old dog.

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

    All the best to you and your readers.

  5. Curmudgeon, You make it fun to be here every day, My Girl!

  6. Always putting a fresh face on an ugly world Odie...Happy days and many more you ole lucky dawg!

  7. Congrats Odie, here's to many more!

  8. Happy Blogoversary, Odie. You help keep us sane (or what passes for sane these days.)

  9. Happy five years Odie. I'm off to check out your first post. I wasn't around then.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  10. Sig says you don't look a day over three! I say, you don't act a day over five!

    Congrats, Odie! Hang in there!

  11. Yup, I say go 5 more! Congratulations!

  12. 5?

    You look, well, more mature.

    But stay crazy, those alternative realities keep you young.

  13. I could have done without seeing your "squeeze" in that last image. Happy birthday buddy!

  14. Sandee, Enjoy, and I posted that "five" year old comment.

  15. Edutcher, I need all the "young" help I can get.

  16. Ron, Oh ... you just hit the Mrs. "S" list.

  17. You look pretty sexy for a Five year old! Happy anniversary, Odie!

  18. DS, I'm so happy you noticed this humble but sexy man. I'm here for you, Baby.

  19. Congratulations Odie, wow 5 years, that's cool.... ;)

  20. Mike, that's a long time huh. It always amazes me this nonsense is still going on.

  21. Congratulations I will be hanging around for a few more years

  22. Rick, Thank you Sir. Thanks for sticking around.


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