Friday, May 2, 2014

Update on Kathy's Surgery!

Dear Family and Friends,

Most of you know our friend Kathy went in for a surgical 

procedure for a Butt Lift using the Obama Care Medical Plan 
through her new state run insurance exchange.

She did not have the most pleasant experience. She should have 

left well enough alone.

We wanted to show you how it turned out. We hope this makes 

you aware of the quality of care you will receive from the 
Affordable Healthcare Act (Obama Care)

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE . . do not get a Butt Lift using the 

Obama Care Medical Plan.  The Obama care qualified doctor 
was a 3rd year med student from another country making 
12 bucks an hour.

Kathy regrets her decision, I think we all will regret Obama care.

See image below:

 Thanks David!


  1. LL, the world becomes a little more dangerous each day the left is in charge.

  2. Good God Odie...You should have stopped it. Heh.

  3. By the time she's about 90 years old that butt lift will have slid down to where it belongs. It will be perfect...

  4. Hubby said, "Now she's headed to Walmart".

  5. Randy, her urge for ObamaCare was stronger than I was.

  6. Adrienne, bless your pea picking heart. You can see sunshine in the worst of conditions.

  7. That is a bit high Odie, but it is lifted. I'm surprised they knew where to find her butt.

    I've a girlfriend that works in the medical field. She's not impressed with Oblahblah care.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  8. She could be used as a flotation device.

    For an aircraft carrier.

  9. Sandee, don't let those Obamabutchers near you.

  10. Euripides, and it can only get worse.

  11. edutcher, that has been proposed.

  12. Cube, poor thing had to swap the seat cushions with the back cushions in all of her chairs.

  13. And this just cannot be unseen.


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