Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gun Control !


  1. He's right, Odie. It's time to turn in those weapons and buy more Obama Bonds.

  2. That got funnier and funnier.

    In UK they outlawed handguns using the excuse of some nutjob who shot several children (and himself) in a school (google 'hamilton dunblane').
    That guy should never have been allowed a gun license in the first place but, as is typical of our administration, they covered up their own failings by introducing yet more outrageous control freakery so that now the only people with guns are the criminals who know that householders will not be able to defend themselves.

    They have entirely forgotten why our Police have traditionally been unarmed; in the days of Sherlock Holmes a Constable would blow his whistle in the certain knowledge that passers-by would come to his aid with their revolvers.

  3. Banned, the Obugger Crew wants not only our hand guns, but all guns as well. Nobody in this country that owns a gun will hand it over willingly.


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