Friday, February 1, 2013

The Veterinarian

 One Sunday, in counting the money in the weekly offering, 
the pastor of a
small church found a pink envelope containing $1,000. 
It happened again the next week!

The following Sunday, he watched as the 
offering was collected and saw an
elderly woman put the distinctive pink 
envelope on the plate. This went on for weeks until the pastor, 
overcome by curiosity, approached her.

  "Ma'am, I couldn't help but notice that you put 

$1,000 a week in the

  collection plate," he stated.

"Why, yes," she replied, "every

  week my son sends me money, and I give some of it to the church."
 The pastor replied, "That's wonderful. 
But $1,000 is a lot; are you sure
 you can afford this? 
How much does he send you?"
 The elderly woman answered, "$10,000 a week."
The pastor was amazed. 
"Your son is very successful; 
what does he do for a living?"
"He is a veterinarian," she answered.
"That's an honorable profession, 
but I had no idea they made that much
money," the pastor said. "Where does he practice?"

  The woman answered proudly, "In Nevada
... He has two cat houses, one in Las Vegas ,
and one in Reno"

 Thanks Dan !


  1. Bwahahahahahahaha. I think the pastor just needs to smile and keep that old lady happy.

    Have a terrific day and weekend Odie. ☺

  2. Hmmmm....I wonder why they call those places "cat houses."


  3. The cat business is booming in the Silver State.

  4. Cute cats and funny joke. Love both of them.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. At which point someone in the congregation dialed 911.

  6. Sandee, It keeps the old ladies and the men happy. Does this qualify for Feline Friday?

  7. Edutcher, no way. They all google mapped Reno and Las Vegas.

  8. Herding cats is hard to do, but rewarding if you succeed.

  9. Ron, I've been doing it for years. It's very rewarding.

  10. Oh my goodness Odie you've done it again!

    I am laughing...wtg...on Feline Friday!

    Happy weekend and are you watching the big game?

  11. Jackie, I just can't post a plain Feline Friday. I have to add "Silly".

    I've been a 49er fan 33 years since I moved to Northern California. I've seen a lot of heartbreak and I've seen a lot to cheer about.

    GO 49ers !!!

  12. I guess it is about the same principle.

  13. Admiral,parts is parts, pieces is pieces, and cats is cats.


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