Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Clean Underwear Isn't Their Mother's Only Worry IV

Oh, but of course there's more libtards for you to enjoy.
I found our basketballs ...
Back Cleavage ?
Not too short, not too long ... just right.
Butt floss in the kitchen ?
And we have to hear from San Francisco now.
I have nothing to add ... care to try ?


  1. Some days the world is much too cruel, Other days not so much.

  2. Admiral, I think that about covers it.

  3. Scotsman's brain tip of the day. Take the Kilt to the dry cleaners instead of washing it in hot water.

  4. Oh Supi, you're going to spoil the San Francisco libtard's fun.

  5. And I thought that I had sartorial issues.

  6. Christopher, That nails it and it's a lot better than my brain could come up with.

  7. Banned, I had to look up sartorial. Thank you for furthering my education. You're right, your style of dress couldn't be this bad.

  8. The last photo:
    I was trying to make something out of the "Doublemint Twins" thing, but no never mind.
    But I really dig those groovy jeans/chaps, whatever?

  9. Lady ... Groovy? You just dated yourself. I love the new avatar ... it is that time of year.


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